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Shadow Healing Journey

Here's where your Shadow Healing Journey will take you:

I will guide you into your shadow where you will meet aspects of yourself that have been affecting much of your daily life and decision-making. You will meet parts that are afraid, parts that are hurt, parts that want to protect you, and others.

Image by Patrick Hendry


I'll assist you in identifying patterns or dynamics that need to change in order to get what you want. You will learn which parts are keeping you from what you want, and why.

Navigating in Woods


Once you've gotten clear on how these shadow dynamics came to be, how they affect you, and what the shadow parts really want, you get to choose what has to happen in order to get you what you want.

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After you've done the work,  I will then guide you through integrating that new dynamic into your body, and into your new lifeYour detailed notes after each session can help you maintain the shift that has occurred. 

You will emerge from your Shadow Healing Journey a new and improved version of your former self, AND be trained in how to self-process with Shadow Work on your own!

This package includes: 

  • 12 one-on-one session hours  (2-hour sessions work best)

  • Detailed notes provided after every session 

  • Personal Email/DM support!

  • BONUS 1-hour Shadow Work® Self-Process Instruction following your journey.

  • Supplemental Shadow Work® educational material

Cost: $1111 (with option of $111 discount if paid in full)

To find out more, feel free to email me, or begin with a Clarity Session

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